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The day the world ended

Hopelessly Emo

3 June
"Be who you are and say what you want, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
-Dr. Seuss

I'm sexy. That's all that really matters.
a cappella, a good conversation, acting, activism, aim, animal crackers, anti-chicken pox, bacon, banana, barnes&noble, being dramatic, being happy, being healthy, boating, bois, borders, boys, boys who sing, broadway musicals, candles, cell phones, chatting, cheese, cheese danishes, chicago, chocolate, choir, christmas season, coffee, computers, cute drama boys, dancing, day dreaming, decorating, diet coke, drama, drama class, drawing, driving, driving aimlessly, driving around, driving without a cause, drummers, drunk people, duct tape, duct tape wallets, edgar allan poe, english accents, entertainment, etch-a-sketch, family guy, flip flops, food, free things, freedom, friends, garage sales, gay marrage, gay rights, gays, getting mail, good times, gossip, grease, guitar players, guys, happy people, helping, horror movies, html, inside jokes, jesse, journalism, ketchup, kh players, laughing, laughing until it hurts, life is beautiful, london, lord of the rings, love, loving, m&ms, magic, making money, making movies, making out, males, maroon 5, mass confusion, modeling, money, more dancing, more singing, movies, music, musicals, my friends, my values, nalgene bottles, new people, notes, old friends, opinions, orange juice, pens, photography, pirates, playing, poetry, politics, rain, road trips, rock climbing, saltine crackers, seeing movies, sex, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, singing, six flags st. louis, sleeping, sluh boys, smiling, snuggling, stand-up comedians, summer, sunshine, talking, talking., the beach, the color pink, the loop, theater, theatre, turkey day game, ultimate frisbee, vanilla coke, walking, walking in the rain, writing, you, you!, your mom, zebras