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Stu's Revelation

You know, every day I hear more of this "Being gay is wrong" and "the devil is posessing the gay people". It really gets on my nerves, because I don't believe any of it is true. But tonight I was thinking about it... how could the devil be possessing me? Sure, I'm a gay man, and people could argue that that in itself is the devil. But if you think about it... I am an extremely religious person. If the devil were posessing me, turning me into a homosexual, how could I be so religious? He would be trying to turn my every thought away from God, he would be attempting to make me into a person I am not, and he would damn me completely, not just partially.
He is tempting me through my thoughts, not my actions. My sexuality does not condemn me. All these people who say "Being gay is wrong" and "The devil is possessing gay people"- they are the true devil. They are the true temptation. They are trying to convert me, they are turning my thoughts away from God, because they know that my sexuality will not change.
God cannot condemn me for this, my sexuality, for it is who I am and who he made me. The devil is merely trying to stop me from believing. If I merely stand, sturdy as a rock under God's protecting hand, and do not budge, he (satan) will not win.
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