stueyco2006 (stueyco2006) wrote,

This was Kevin Whitley's away message. I found it humorous. I stole it. Get over it. Just read it.

-"I've found Jesus. He was behind the sofa the whole time"

-"Jesus called. He wants his religion back"

-"Hell: It's not the heat. It's the humidity"

-"I just hope God grades on a curve"

-"Jesus is coming. Look busy"

-"Do rhetorical questions annoy you?"

-"Being perfect isn't as easy as I make it look"

-"People think I'm crazy, but actually I'm just bored"

-"No matter where you go-There you are"

-"I'm learning to express my anger, one dead telemarketer at a time"

-"The gene pool could use some chlorine"

-"Stop whining and plot revenge"

-"Discourage inbreeding. Stop country music"
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