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National Day of Silence

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that this Wednesday, April 26, 2006 is the national day of silence. You all know what that is, but just for a refresher, it's a day when people who see and/or hear of any sort of discremination (particularly that aimed at homosexuals) choose not to talk throughout the entire school day to represent those who are silenced daily by hatred and discrimination. It's an incredible opportunity and I recommend that everyone participates in it. For more details, you can contact me. I will have extra signs for people who want to participate, as will other people. If you'd like to participate, meet me in the commons before school (sometime between 7:30 and 7:50). I will be there.

Jessekeen- that means we're going to school earlier on Wednesday. Sorry hun. 7:20.

Please everyone participate! We're trying to make it big this year. I have a limited number of signs, so GET THERE EARLY OR MAKE YOUR OWN!

Later, peeps.
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